Interview With Halfbreed - December 17, 1999

White = LordsOfAcidGirl
Blue = Halfbreed

1. When do you expect your full length album to drop?

SOL: We lookin for an early 2000 release date. Probably around February, March. The full-length album is really gonna define HaLFBrEEd. We been workin on this mutha fuckin piece for along ass time. It's gonna be some wicked ass shit.

2. What kind of reaction did you get from your release the "Serial Killaz" single?

SKRAPZ: We gotta dope ass response from that shit, and the shit only started. We barely got the shit out yet. We crankin them bitches online at toxicplanet and they chillin in few stores locally, but the shit ain't hit the fan yet!

3. What is your reaction to Twiztid being sued for having illegal cuts from other's albums?

SOL & SKRAPZ: No comment, that ain't got shit to do with us.

4. What do you suggest to a horrorgroup made up of teenagers just getting started?

SOL: I would first suggest that you think over your situation and make sure that this is somethin y'all wanna get into. This music business is a mutha fucka and you gotta ask yoself what you want outta it. 

5. What do you think about the new "House of Krazees" Latnem are trying to put together?

SKRAPZ: They gonna get dissed...actually, fuck that, they ain't gonna be worth dissin. Thats gonna be some wack shit if they do it. 

6. What are your plans for Y2k?

SOL: Gettin lit like a light bulb!!! I'm gonna be enjoyin that shit with all my mellows. 
SKRAPZ: I'll probably end up passin out before the ball even drop, i might even write HaLFBrEEd across my chest in magic marker??? Freeze will probably come through with some greens and Bedlam will have the brews.

7. Is there a chance of Halfbreed touring anytime soon?

SKRAPZ: Yeah, we'll probably kick off a small scale tour around the time of kontamiNATION, maybe a weekend thing or somethin like that. We gonna try and really drill the areas we sell the most product at so we'll get some doep ass turn outs.

8. Did you feel that the instore was a success?

SOL: Yeah, the instore was dope. Alotta people came down and had a good time. We left with zero c.d.'s thats a good sign that it was tight. 

9. What kind of response did you get from the instore?


10. Will you be doing any more instores?

SKRAPZ: Yeah, we'll probably make some runs around the time kontamiNATION drops. We wanna hit spots like Toledo, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Cinncinatti...Shit that we know we could blow up!!!

11. What is the deal with Bedlam and their upcoming release?

SOL: The upcoming Bedlam release is gonna be tight as hell. They gotta wicked ass flavor all their own. They play the role of like the psycho ass, Movie maniac killa types that just cause damage for no apparent reason. They got some ill ass shit for the world. Skrapz and myself did all the production for the release.

12. Do you plan on doing any songs for other artists' albums or compilations?

SOL: Yeah, we already did a track with bedlam for their Chemical Imbalancez VOL. 1 c.d. called "murder Parade". It's dope as hell, and we also did a track with F-R-eeze called "Harmful conditionz" for his Frostbit c.d.
SKRAPZ: We are also appearing on a compilation if ya ass ain't heard yet. It's gonna be distributed Nation Wide so we'll get this virus spreadin like a mutha fucka. Alotta other artists and shit are on there too.

13. Are there any magazines featuring Halfbreed in any upcoming issues that we can look forward to?

SKRAPZ: Yeah, we just got off the phone with a reporter from Murder Dog magazine in Cali and we did a long ass interview with them about our role in the Detroit rap field. We touched base on alotta shit people wanna know about and Sol explained alotta past shit.

14. Are there any artists appearing on your upcoming full length album?

SOL: Yeah, we featuring a couple artists, but, we ain't releasing shit til the album is officially completed. haha

15. What is your current relationship with Twiztid now?

SOL: It ain't a relationship. Thats it.

16. What can you tell us about Blaze?

SKRAPZ: I haven't hollered at him. I have no idea.

17. What advise could you offer to someone looking for old House of Krazees albums?

SOL: Don't!!!

18. For anyone interested in finding some of yalls merchandise, where should they go?

SKRAPZ: We sell everything we got on, make sure you peep that first. If for any reason we ain't got what ya lookin for, try checkin, my man gotta lotta shit.

19. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

SKRAPZ & SOL: Spread the mufuckin VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!

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