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This is an e-mail from Jamie Madrox on 
the break up of the original House of Krazees:

Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998 08:07:15 -0400
To: Lords Of Acid Girl <>
From:   The Duke Of Twiztid <>
Subject: Re:


I want you to know that I’m taking time out of my very busy schedule to give give you the truth about the HOK history for your web page. I hope you appreciate it!

In the beginning, the House Of Krazees consisted of “E.X.P.” (Hektik) & myself going by the name Big J. The ROC was at that time, in a group called “Strength Productions”, a collaboration of himself, his playa’ hatin’ cousin Evol (then known as “Big Father Hightop”) and a drunk dude named “J HO”. ROC, Hektik and me always hung out together and when we asked him to do a cut with us he was like “Hell Yeah” and before you knew it we had a whole album toghether so we were like “fuck it, ya’ wanna’ be in the group?” Before you could blink, he kicked from “Big Father Hightop” and “J HO” and was down with House Of Krazees. Then came the album “Home Sweet Home”, the debut cassette. We didn’t have shit for money but we managed to sell enough of the cassettes to have SPIRIT to continue! A year had passed and in that time we juggled more investors than a cheap hooker juggles balls until we came across a real fine snake named Walter Stepanenko who claimed to know a lot about the record business and is a big reason HOK is what it its today NOTHING! Walt complained a lot about not making enough money and referred to us as “a bad investment”. Somehow he just kept financing the recording of our music and never paid us a dime! In my 4 years with HOK I made a total of $330. Now ya’ don’t need a calculator to figure out that ain’t shit! Times got so rough that I had to get a job cleaning toilets just to make some loot but still kept recording for the snake all the while! I’m a musician, not a fuckin’ janitor! So FUCK YEAH, I want everybody's money, an even trade, phatt music for phatt bucks, just like any other job or career! Do you think I used to clean toilets ‘cause it was fresh? HELL NO, I did it ‘cause I needed that GREEN! We’ve also been accused of bein’ lazy! Makin’ an album or even recording is not an easy job, if it was everyone would have one out! A lot of time and hard work goes into that and if we were “lazy” we wouldn’t have 8 releases and a compilation album under our belts in a 5 year span, think about it! We’re not claiming to be stars or anything like that, we’re doin’ what we like to do, music! Our music, our way! We’ve just begun to shine. We don’t think we’re the shit ‘cause “We’ve always thought we we’re the shit” we just never had the right opportunity to show what we could do with our own music our own way like we have with Twiztid and the proper management!

To sum it all up, we built HOK and we had every right in the world to destroy it!



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