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Evol's "Satanic 4 Life"

Released in 1994

Side A

Shake M Down
Devil Worshipper
Looking For My Axe
Creepin on a Hoe Nigga

Side B

Evil Poetry
You can't Hide
I have no friends
Satanic 4 Life w/ the original HOK
No Peace in My Mind



Evol's "Satan's Poet"

Released in 1995

Side A

When Your insane
666 on my mind
Burn A Church
Livin For Sin
In Ya Head
Let The Shit Go on
Shake Em Down
I be a Devil Worshipper

Side B

Evil Rhyme
Laid Back
Intro (The Krox)
Dead in The Head
66 Dead Men
Crazy But Smooth
Smooth Killer
Raise Your Hands



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