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Halfbreed consists of Sol and Skrapz who also were the last of the House of Krazees as we knew it. When Jamie and Paul left R.O.C. to become Twiztid under Psychopathic records, Sol recuited a new krazee to join him, Skrapz.  They released "The Night They Kame Home." After they felt it was time for a new image and a fresh start, they began their current group, Halfbreed. Under this name, they have released a "Virus Shit Sampler '99" under their own label "Virus Independent" and a Maxi-Single called "Serial Killaz" as well as a full length L.P. entitled "KontamiNATION" and an E.P. called "Rage Of The Plauge".

Sol, R.O.C., Rapz On Contact, B
Birth Name: Bryan Jones
Age: October 31st 1972 (27)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Serial Killa
Weapon of Choice: Microphone
More: "I be likin' cuttin' necks and rappin our shit as Halfbreed with mah homie Skrapz."

Nicknames: Skrapz, Blitz
Birth Name: Charles J. Christie
Age: May 30, 1978 (21)
Hair: Changes Frequently
Eyes: Greenish, Bluish, Blackish, Brownish, Hazel...
Occupation: Serial Killa
Weapon of Choice: An empty Frappucino Bottle
More: Skrapz is a hyper-active mutha fucka from the east side of Detroit. He's known mainly as a stoned out horror kore M.C. disrespecting bitchez and slowly becoming an alcoholic may be his destiny.

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Halfbreed's Official Website: ToxicPlanet.com

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