Artist: The House Of Krazees
Song: Hollow's Eve
Album: Season Of The Pumpkin
Author: PsychoTwist  

You Dont Really Know Much About Halloween (x3)
Happy Halloween...


Hallow's eve
Just another phrase for Devil's nite
Mass murdering bitches by the street light
Everybody thinks that candy's to be recieved
Little do they know it's the nite of the witch's eve
Open his book, turning the pages of his bloody script
Hang me, strangle me, but don't bullshit
The time has come for the House to now prepare
To give this whole motherfucker a bloody scare
Swinging the bloody battle axe, wake the dead
Let em all know the eve is coming, all is said
I've misread the tombstones my transfer 
Searching for life's questions fuck the answers
No escape, no chance to leave
Letting hell break loose on Hallow's eve

Happy Halloween
You Dont Really Know Much About Halloween
Happy Halloween...


Somebody tell em, I've lost my fuckin mind
There's nowhere to go
A different style, a different place, a different niggero
Ill take the double barrel pumpkin gun
Step back and pump one right into your muthafuckin clear 
On Hallow's eve, in the trees, let me tear loose
Maximum overdrive, the day before the noose
It's Halloween, hear the screams in the dreams
Of my fuckin head, check disease up in my arm's spread
Walk the streets I'm the freak you fools read about
The 29th and the 30th, I'm coming out
You never know how much I can let it go
Just when, cut off my head, another day, bro
On Hallow's eve, cutting cheese, cutting throats
I can't cope, and mothefucker's feel the night smoke
As it creeps, I can't sleep, I slept, no I got rest
Because I breath on the breeze of Hallow's eve

You dont really know what... 
Happy halloween
You don't really know much about Halloween
Happy Halloween...

(Mr. Bones)

What the fuck?
On Hallow's eve, I hear the dead souls calling my name
Telling me to play the game
Hide and seek with my mind
If I hang, running thru the fields, im trying to find
In the pumpkin searching for my brain
Fuck my mind, so I guess now Im insane
But am I insane? No
Never been sane, so,
I got to kill what I can't win
I see the Great Pumpkin floating thru the fuckin streets
On the outskirts, hear the screams and cries
Devils are laughing, now it's time to die
Hold my hand and hope that it's all a joke
I found my mind in the mist of the gastly smoke