Interview With Skrapz - July 9, 1999

White = LordsOfAcidGirl
Blue = Skrapz

1. Were you satisfied with the outcome of "The Night They Kame Home"?

1. I was satisfied with " the night..." but I ain't feel it was the dopest shit we could do at all. the e.p. was supposed 2 be a Halloween release and it got all fucked up cuz of the lyricz and shit. The sound was real Octobery, like a season of the pumpkin type feel. We knew and still know that your shit can alwayz be better, but the krazees wanted somethin' new, quick.

2. Do you think that the House of Krazees is going in a different direction in the future?

2. H.o.k. is headed in an entirely new direction. we're no longer working with Walter Stepenanko and Latnem Intertainment. Them mutha fuckaz ain't handelin our shit the way they should. We should have our shit in every fuckin store across America, our shit is dope. We workin on new shit and its the fuckin wickedest, hardest, most indestructible piece that the krazees have ever heard, and we wanna make sure the shit is done right.

3. Do you think that House of Krazees will expand their tour?

3. As of now, there ain't no planz on extendin the tour, that really wasn't our shit so we don't got no control over the dates or nuthin.

4. Do you think that a song w/ Esham or Natas is possible soon for an upcoming album?

4. Natas asked if we was interested in spittin some shit on they piece,, but you never know. if the timingz right, we'll do it. if not, no big fuckin deal.

5. When do u forsee the next album being released?

5. There really ain't no release date set cuz we still lookin 4 a solid label 2 run this new shit.

6. For the new album, what do you think it'll be more like: Season of the Pumpkin maybe?

6. The sound of the new shit is unexplainable in any wordz other than...KRAZEE!!! Solz production is the tightest ever, and the lyrikz are insane. The new shit is gonna turn heads like the excorcist, 360 degreez.

7. Do you ever plan on doing a solo album?

7.I ain't got no planz on doin any solo shit. We work a lot better together on everything. A track here and there on our projectz is about it right now.  I did solo shit 4 yearz and was never really satisfied like I am now.

8. Which songs do you favor most in re-doing, if any, of the old House of Krazees?

8. As far as redoing any of the old trackz, I don't really wanna fuck with em. that ain't my shit. h.o.k. has alwayz been tight and I think it should be left alone. I'd be pissed if some new cat came in and re did "Kome 'n' Get Me" cuz that's my shit. I felt that shi when I wrote it, nobody else is Skrapz.

9. Do you have any comments about the House of Krazee's future?

9. The future for h.o.k. is a mystery. sol a.k.a. Dread and Skrapz are down 4 life, we just need a good backin 2 do this shit full fledged. If someone comes at us and sayz they like the music but wanna some changez to our image or somethin, we're game. We wanna see this virus get spread to as many people as possible and there's alwayz sacrifices that u gottz make. We ain't never gonna come wack or soft cuz we some hardkore ass mutha fuckaz.Remember that shit y'all. Peace.

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