Interview With Halfbreed - March 1, 2000

White = LordsOfAcidGirl
Blue = Halfbreed

1.  How would you describe the sound of your very anticipated, upcoming full-length release kotamiNATION?

SOL: shit, the sound is fuckin different than anything your used to. we used alot of trippy ass shit and the lyrics are deep as fuck. we was goin for a different approach and we pretty much conquered what we set out to do.

2. When is the release date for this new album?

SKRAPZ: we moved the date from March 21, 2000 to April 4, 2000. we wanted to make sure that the promoting is off the hook and the buzz is big enough for a solid release. we been workin on this shit so hard since before serial killaz dropped and it would be a waste to drop it with out the proper backing and shit.

3. Will there be any guest appearances on it? Will Bedlam do anything for it?

SOL: there is an appearance by F R eeze and Y.U.G. and some guest cuts by a local d.j. named Tension, but we never got around to doin the track with Bedlam. Shit got pressed and with us bein so far away and shit, it didn't make the agenda we had planned.

4. Was Bedlam's departure from Virus Independent because of lack of interest on their part or for some other reason? If so, what was it and what can we look forward to seeing from them in the future?

SKRAPZ: we've done nothing wrong to bedlam and they've done nothing wrong to us. it was a good move on both parties behalf man. they some ill ass mufuckaz and i know they fit in perfectly where they at now. we gonna keep in contact and i hope to god they use what they did here cuz Bedlam got some insane ass shit. Madness did some background shit on this skit we did. their just sick as fuck in what they do. i love that shit.

5. Are there any new shows lined up for you? If so, who will you be appearing with?

SOL: we gonna be appearin alot in the next couple of months with the spread the virus 2000 tour. alotta different groups will fall on the bills, but nuthin thats gonna be consistent throughout the entire tour. we offered this local cat dead mike to roll with us as an opener cuz he got transportation and shit like that, we may do shows with one group at this spot, then another group at another spot but F R eeze will be at all shows.

6. Is there an official listing of cities being hit with the Spread The Virus Tour 2000 yet?

SOL: not yet, as we get em they'll be posted.

7. How has the Plague members influenced where HalfBreed has been and is going?

SKRAPZ: the plague is everything we do. if we had no plague, we wouldn't be wastin our time. i like havin fans that i can kick it with and talk with knowin they like the same shit as me. one time i went in this chat room called killaz chat and we was all foolin about the illest serial killaz. thats what i love, people i can relate to, and thats what the plague is. i love everyone in the fuckin plague cuz they all got a lil sol and skrapz in em just like us. we all make halfbreed together. with out us it ain't no halfbreed, and with out the plague it ain't one either.

8. When can we expect to see the compilation cd featuring HalfBreed hit stores?

SKRAPZ: which one. hahaha. we got two compilations we're featured on as of now. we did a track for a comp comin out on loud records the same day as our l.p. called louder than ever. it's some ill ass rock/rap shit with people like krazie bone, brotha lynch hung, natas and shit like that. then we got one comin out on white devil productions in April sometime with alotta other underground groups. that's the shit when you get a c.d. with all dope ass groups and shit. we had a good time doin those tracks and shit.

9. As a whole, what is your opinion on the Detroit Horrorcore/Underground music scene at the moment? Where do you see it going?

SOL: i see the underground scene gettin noticed alot more then when i started, shit, this internet shit is the greatest thing to happen to underground groups. as far as the Detroit underground, alotta what used to be the underground has gone big. i don't know of many groups that are strictly detroit anymore. even we are like nation wide considering the use of the internet and online stores, but our music is underground for life. we don't spit the regular rap shit, ya know. i see this shit gettin the props it deserves. not yet, but it's comin.

10. Have you been getting any promotion from local magazenes there in Detroit that we may could look for?

SKRAPZ: well, murder dog ran a dope ass interview on us in their latest issue but they from cali, metro times, real Detroit and all the local magz are gonna review kontamination most likely. we ain't that friendly of a group as far as cover stories and shit like that go. alotta people are scared of ruining their image by fuckin with shit that we do. fuck em!

11. How do you feel about Curt going to Mentality? Do you feel that this will strain your relationship with Bedlam?

SOL: I would hope that somethin bizness related would never strain a friendship. if for any reason we couldn't remain friends, that would mean that we was never friends in the first place. and i know we're homies. 

12. Is it true that you may be working with Mad Insanity in the near future on a song? 

SKRAPZ: yeah, we kickin a track with em called slaughterhouse. it's some evil ass shit. i'm sure our fans will dig it and theirs as well. it's pretty phat. we don't collab that often, but the topic was dope as fuck.

13. Finally, do you have anything in addition to say?

SOL & SKRAPZ: the only 3 words to live by (that by now should be common vocals) SPREAD THE VIRUS!!!!!

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