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All reviews scaled from 1-5 based on Krazeeness and Beats.

Review for: Home Sweet Home
This is the first HOK tape and the rappin' isn't as tight as on the later released albums, which is pretty logical, cuz they were startin' out. But I didn't say that this tape sucks, oh hell no! Most songs are pretty fresh, and the one that jumps out IMO is Pig Skinnaz. I think this is one of the dopest HOK tracks around. The Evil That Men Do is pretty stale, and so is Diary Of A Madman, but the other tracks are not bad.  It's a must have for Juggalos, and I can proudly say that I have it, I ordered it from Hot Hits for 65 bucks, and it was worth every penny. If you don't have it yet, find it!
Beats: 3.5/5 Krazeeness: 4/5
Reviewed By: 'JRV' []

Review for: The Night They Kame Home

This is one of the best h.o.k cds out, i think that the background music and shit sounds a hell of a lot better then there older shit, and the lyriks are krazee as fuck, especially the song "Kome 'N'Get Me" that song is bad as fuck, just like the whole cd, they even have their own version of twiztids song "murder murder murder" it dont matter if you like heavy metal or rap cuz this cds got both, like "adrenaline" is heavy metal, and "evakuation" is more like advice iis to all you mother fuckers who don't have this GET YER ASS OUT OF HERE AND GO FUCKEN BUY IT!!!

Krazeness: 4/5 Beats: 5/5
Reviewed By: MaStAmInD

Review for: Outbreed

I dont know why i just didnt like this cd all that much. i mean it was fresh and all but just not as good as all of there other ones. But one song as bad as a motherfucker is "weakness"!!it is funny as hell some other good ones are "IT", and "Deadly Pasttyme", and "Call It Wut You Want" was cool, none of the songs were written by hok they were all written by the howse. but they were all produced by roc except for "weakness", the background music for most of the songs were wiket as fuck, and the lyriks were wiket as fuck. all in all this is a pretty good album i suggest you get yer fat ass up to the store and buy it or at least borrow it from one of yer homeys cuzins sisters boyfriends dads brothers sons, cuz u gotta hear the shit!!HOK 4 LIFE MUFUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krazeeness: 4/5 Beats: 4/5
Reviewed By: MaStAmInD

Review for: Season of the Pumpkin

This is a fucken great cd, i cant really think of anything bad about this cd, i mean its krazee as fuck, the background music is phat, what the fuck else could u ask for? only thing is skrapz aint in it but still its a fucken cool cd. my favorite is portrait of a killer, its bad as hell, another song u HAFTA hear is "violent memories" this song is wack as fuck but its cool as hell. I dont give a fuck what u say, you HAFTA own this cd, this is probably the most popular hok cd out there. i dont give a fuck what u have to do to get this cd u gotta have it. if you dont got it in a store near you then tell em they bettter fucken get it and if they dont, well ROB THERE ASSES FOR ALL THERE MONEY AND CDS AND ANYTHING U CAN FUCKEN GET MONEY FOR TO BUY IT!!!!!!

Krazeeness: 5/5 Beats:5/5
Reviewed By: MaStAmInD

Review for: The Howse-Esohpromatem

This is a other bad ass cd, it was the first latnem release after mr.bones and hektik left. this is the group with r.o.c, the beast, armageddon, and Mr. vitology. Mr. vitology did most of the background music for this cd, which i think was a bad idea. i mean hes good and all but just not as wiket as r.o.c, i think they would have sold a hell of a lot more of these cds if r.o.c did all the beats and shit. but its still a cool cd, not as wiket as the hok shit but its still wiket, especially the beast!!he is one of the badest fucken rappers i ever heard!his voice and the way he raps is the shit you have to hear this mother fucker!!but all in all this is a pretty fresh album, either you have to buy it or at least hear it!! especially the beasts song "Insane Asylum"!, other good songs are "black widow", "Death Is Yo! enemy", and "Levels of Pain."

Beats: 3.5/5 Krazeeness: 4/5
Reviewed By: MaStAmInD

Review for:  Remix & Rewind

By far the best House of Krazees album ever dropped from the mixing board to your ear drums, This is a remix tape with various tracks off several different HOK albums such as Home Sweet Home, Homebound, Outbreed and Head Trauma. The track that stands out most is Nosferatu.
This track was ill as fuck on Head Trauma, but after ROC touched it up for this album the track burst into Fuckin flames, This remix is a must hear! other songs remixed include Home sweet Home, Weakness, And Outbreed. This tape will blow your fuckin speakers out your shit and leave you wondering "Why didnt these bad muthafuckas get signed earlier", thats the question im still askin myself to this day.

Beats: 5/5 Krazeeness: 5/5
Reviewed By: Slowkill69 

Review for: R.O.C. X-Posed 

This was ROC's first solo album while in the HOK krew. The album has tight fuckin beats, but loses a bit of the krazee edge for a more gangsta and melodic style of raps. Intense lyrical stylings come correct on this album making it one of the most sout after Solos from anyone involved in House Of Krazees. Guest spots includes Mr. Bones and various other local Detroit rappers. This album is hard to find to this day but is worth checking out, there should be a few copies still floating around the Detroit area.

Beats: 5/5 Krazeeness: 3.5/5
Reviewed By: Slowkill69 

Review for: Head Trauma

This tape is definitely one of HOK's best works, if you like the stuff on Homebound & Home Sweet Home. It [in my opinion unfortunately] isn't Halloween Music like on Season Of The Pumpkin, which kinda suxx, but it still is really good Rap. Its got the original version of Twiztid's "Renditions Of Reality" called "Slip Into Reality" where Hektik's version is almost exactly the same as on Renditions. The Original [i think better] Darker Eviler version of Nosferatu is on here. The best songs are "Nosferatu", "Hypno", "RIP" and "Don't Follow Me." Released in 96, only on Tape, with 16 Tracks. I'd say next to Season Of The Pumpkin, this is my favorite HOK Release.

Beats: 4/5 Krazeeness: 5/5
Reviewed By: Kount C []

Review For: Mr. Bones Solo - Sacrifice

Sacrifice: This is a Detroit Classic tape. Only produced on tape, Feat. a very tight track called "liquid Friend". It is hard too find an original tape though, but on ebay u kan get a cd. Tight Detroit beats

    Beats: 5/5
Krazeeness- 5/5
Reviewed By: Brad [


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