Interview With Halfbreed - September 7, 1999

White = LordsOfAcidGirl
Blue = Halfbreed

1.) What kind of feedback are you getting from your fans about forming Virus Independent?

Sol & Skrapz: We gettin a dope ass response from everybody!!! Mutha fuckaz is glad to see us on our own and still bangin. Its a lot easier to get a response from someone when you talkin to 'em directly and thats exactly what we doing-We right at our fans like "What the fuck do yall want?" and they be lettin us know.

2.) Do you feel that Bedlam will not be the only other group signed to Virus?

Sol: Right now, its just us and Bedlam, but we alwayz lookin for more sick ass talent to add to the camp. The requirements are tough as fuck though cuz we don't deal with no wack shit. Virus is straight up wicked, and that's all we ever gonna be.

3.) When will the sampler come out and what will it feature? Any Bedlam?

Skrapz: The samplers gonna have 1 track from each group an intro from each group too. Side one will have us (Halfbreed) and side two will have Bedlam. They gonna be cassettes cause Cd's aint cheap and we flat broke. (Send us yo parents credit card...Hidden Message...) Expect the sampler in the first week of October. If you a plague member, it'll arrive at yo casket. If you aint a plague member, fuck you!!! Bring your bitch to the chamber and let us stick her and maybe we'll hook you up. (Does she swallow?) If you wanna be a plauge member, go to and sign up for that shit. The sampler might also show up at selected stores and in limited quantites. Ask you local "Wicked Shit Provider" to contact us at (888)-467-5080.

4.) When do you forsee the release of Halfbreed's Cd?

Sol & Skrapz: The full length L.P. (Title currently withheld) will be available by the end of 1999. About a month or so after the sampler arrives, we gonna be droppin a 4 song single. The title track is gonna be "Serial Killaz" and the three others will be available on this single forever. "Serial Killaz" will appear on the L.P., but the other 3, nope. This piece only.

5.) Will you be working with any other artists on your cd?

Skrapz: As far as trax with other artists, we gotta track with Bedlam in the works and a track with Bizzare thats been done. We might not use the track with Bizzare though due to old references and the face that everything has to be perfect. Album space is limited and we wanna drop only the dopes wicked shit. Freezes alter ego powda may also drop by for a flow. It's Halfbreed's first project so we wanna be all greedy and shit about our time.

6.) How is the relationship between y'all and Twiztid?

Sol: Its neutral, just like alwayz. Unless ya heard otherwise. When we cross paths, we like "whats up."

7.) Can you explain who Bedlam is?

Skrapz: Shit, thats pretty fuckin impossible. Bedlam is...un-fuckin-explainable. A triple threat of the most fucked up personas outta Saginaw. Madness is this fucked up ass chainsaw weilding mufucka...Prozak is a pussy hatin, baby killin madman... and Staples a flat-out zombie/criminal. They all fucked up, for real y'all.

8.) Do you have any other comments you'd like to state?

Sol & Skrapz: Yeh, I wanna say thankz to all the Plague members leavin they sisters age on they sign-up. Tell em to hit me up and I'll holla at 'em. Also, fuck all wanna-be killaz hatin on the real mufuckaz, don't y'all understand, you'll get yo shit scalped. Halfbreed is "a gang of serial killaz, we iller than the Saturday thrilla, kill ya like salmonella"

9.) Do y'all got any shout outs?

Sol & Skrapz: Yeh, wazup to you, Jill, and your husband Slowkill, ha!!! Whats up to the Plague and the cult follwerz, the Maniax and Schitzos, the killaz and the murderaz, and everyone that read this shit. I think that covers everything. Peace hit us at

Peace-Pick a side, our side or homicide!!!!!!

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