Interview With SOL - March 13, 2001

White = LordsOfAcidGirl
Blue = SOL

1. LordsOfAcidGirl: What caused the break up of Halfbreed?

1. SOL: Well it was not one thing it had to do with a lot of things I was burned out money wasn't right connections were fucked up just a lot of build up of bullshit so me and Skrapz decided to break and do some of our own shit or possibly get Halfbreed a deal but we ultimately decided against that to. 

2. LordsOfAcidGirl: What do you plan on doing next?

2. SOL: Well I new I couldn't stay away from the game long so Skrapz was like I think we should do the project Level Jumpers so I was like shit let's do it but I have to admit when I said cool I still had a little doubt but when we start hookin up tracks man that doubt got snatched right up out of my Sol we are just doin our project about to get out here for real 

Well as of right now no it's all about LJ but the future no doubt we are all indy artist F R eeze is all about thought all about life he wouldn't be able to breath if he was born in a group Skrapz like I said he has elevated his game man he is the game of hip hop itself he is doin what he always's wanted to and in time will do more Y.U.G. is st8 muthafuckin gangsta that nigga walk around with heat on him you dig his shit will do nuthin but improve by the day he for sure is a member of LJ he needs to be solo to be able to gangstarize the world and as far as me Sol I will and for ever will be sub level hardcore muthafuckin rap spittin that shit that will put a crook in yo whole game and make all yo shit look fuzzy and then when you pukeit up I will be there to serve that shit to and that is how I'm rollin Killa style baby. 

3. LordsOfAcidGirl: Do you plan on any new collaborations with anyone?

3. SOL: No not right now we just want to spend some time in the trenches put in some work we ain't tryin to live off no one else's fame or name that's what it's always been about work in the future when we tight then no doubt we want to do collaborations with a few cats and Level Jumpers But it's got to be the key people to make the shit pop 

4. LordsOfAcidGirl: As far as the internet, how can people find out news on your upcoming projects?

4. SOL: Well the web site will be up and runnin soon so all the masses can see wus goin on in our world we just been on the low low right now with this whole thing but soon the masses will know but everyone won't cause the one's that need to will and the one's that don't won't we ain't runin a fuckin popularity contest we know that now you feel me.

5. LordsOfAcidGirl: What does Skrapz plan on doing now?

5. SOL: Well Skrapz is part of Level Jumpers so is F R eeze and Y.U.G. but skrapz is doin what Skrapz is best at rap man hip hop he is the shit mad skills for years to come you won't catch him no more doin the shit of old he is all about elevation and now he's gone cruisin the galaxy and for sure he ain't comin back. 

6. LordsOfAcidGirl: Is Virus gone for good?

6. SOL: Virus is and always will be a part of what we do Virus ! wasn't just no label to us it was life and fuck what you heard we ain't dead the masses still will see the symbol everywhere you know. 

7. LordsOfAcidGirl: What Kind Of equipment do you use to come up with those ill beats?

7. SOL: Man I use A DAT shit gives good sound also we record in the basement that shit gives it the underground sound and feel. 

8. LordsOfAcidGirl: What do you think of the MI rap Scene? Is it looking strong or getting weak?

8. SOL: The M.I. is gettin stronger by the day so much shit coming from here in do time it looks like Michigan gone own the world but still there is that one problem among everyone HATE LET'S KILL THAT SHIT YALL. 

9. LordsOfAcidGirl: Who do you think is gonna have a big year in the rap game for 2001?

9. SOL: I think it will be a few people I think Mr. Realist will be a break out artist and also I think Esham will get off this year and no doubt a few more. 

10. LordsOfAcidGirl: Who has been your biggest motivation the last few years, since the dis-banding of HOK?

10. SOL: Well I would have to say my daughter and my wife I would have to say because thru all the cd's tape's internet shit the break up of H.O.K. The Howse the reformation of H.O.K. leaving Latnem forming HalfBreed ! killin that and now LJ and then to doin my solo to dealin with every day shit they never Judge me I can always come home that is where I lay my head and they make life so much more comfortable for me no doubt my family is my energy. 

11. LordsOfAcidGirl: How did the Psychopathic incident come about as stated in Paul's point of view below from his interview with

"I just sat up in the office and listened to Brian (Sol/R.O.C.) from Halfbreed tell Alex that theyíre done! Iím done! Iím sick of doiní this shit. We canít do it right. Do you wanna sign me? Do you wanna sign my band? and Alex was like, Let me tell you somethiní motherfucker. First off, your boy [Skrapz] opened his mouth and he dissed Twiztid and they wanna kill that motherfucker!" --Paul [Monoxide Child] of 'Twiztid'

11. SOL: Man at the time me and Skrapz were done with HalfBreed so I thought fuck it I'm down to share my SOL with the Juggalos so I gave Alex Abiss a call before I did that though I talked to Skrapz about my choice he said go for it but he did not want to sign there so I called and talked to Alex but I got mad luv for Skrapz so I was going to plug HalfBreed even though he didn't want to so I'm talkin to Alex all the while I'm on speaker phone lettin him know that I was lookin to sign lookin for a home he was like cool but we can't sign yo boy muthafuckas ain't to cool wit him around here I'm like dam ok I'm lookin at it like it's a no go on HalfBreed so I'm like fuck it I will plug myself the original plan I wasn't goin to argue about Skrapz we both made our choice's Skrapz ain't never told me shit about Twiztid every time they came up muthafuckas was like kill that shit fuck them concentrate on us you know tryin to stay on our game and not there's as far as private I don't know if he did or not and truly I don't give a fuck if he did or not that what a man does in private ain't my problem we both are grown ass men so Alex was like ok cool call me back in about a week so I'm like cool I'll do that. 

12. LordsOfAcidGirl: What are your comments on Paul's comments below about you supposedly "selling Skrapz out"?

"Heís a fuckiní chump dog. Heíll sellout anybody and Iíll be damned if I have him sellout to Juggalos. I will not have them buy his shit if I have anythiní to do wití it. For real, that kidís a chump." ---Paul [Monoxide Child] of 'Twiztid'

12. SOL: Paul had no clue what the fuck was goin on in the first place if the muthafucka would of said fuck it let's see what this kid's intent is and go from there he would of found out I was on the up and up man no bullshit Sol ain't about no bullshit and ain't never been about no hoe shit what the fuck do I look like sellin out the Juggalos that's who helped build H.O.K. HalfBreed that shit wouldn't hav! e been without the majority of the Juggalos buyin our shit so I'm killin that shit right here and now like I said I was on the up and up with them and they dissed the shit out of me but I ain't trippin like Erika Badu I called Tyrone he came helped me pack my shit and I keep it movin man.

13. LordsOfAcidGirl: Do you have anything to say about Paul's statements in his interviw with RealJuggalos?

"Usually when a motherfucker asks me about House of Krazees or Halfbreed, like Murder Dog and a few other magazines and I tell Ďem, I ainít telliní you nuthiní. I ainít got nuthiní to say Ďbout that shit. ĎCause I donít want somebody to go out and buy that shit thinkiní we got somethiní to do wití that shit. That donít even put money in Brianís pocket and even on the internet. Theyíre done. Theyíre done, know what Iím sayiní? That shit is through. He sold his boy out like it was his worst fuckiní enemy dog. And the reason why we told him that was the reason why youíll never be on this label so is that everytime he looks at that chump motherfucker, he thinks, You cost me everything. And thatís what itís about dog. Itís fightful but itís like, I donít got time to fuck wití you. He ainít even CLOSE to this. Not even close. This is all personal shit. Itís ludicrous. Like, get off my dick." ---Paul [Monoxide Child] of 'Twiztid'

13. SOL: Well you can't hate that kid paul for how the fuck he feel's he don't want shit to do with H.O.K. and neither do I fuck that I won't deny I was a part of it but I won't endorse that bullshit either but when people ask about Twiztid I kill it right up front cause I didn't want our juice comin from them you know so That is why I was always like fuck that we don't got shit to do with Twiztid that ain't us and ain't gone never be us as far as bein done I don't die it's like a earthquake hit's right people peep the damage and rebuild of course most of the time you get aftershocks but you deal with it the same shit applies here we ain't gone we just went further underground and this shit is all personal I watch my shit even more cause even if your intentions are good you got to understand some muthafuckas don't see it that way and ain't tryin to wait for you to explain they don't want to see you succeed and at any cost will do anything it takes to see you fail so I just watch my shit no doubt I watch my shit. 

14. LordsOfAcidGirl: Do you have any other comments you'd like to share?

14. SOL: Look we all need to wake the fuck up shit is gettin out of hand I'm not askin for no result's right now but at least some movement towards muthafuckas chillin you know man these cats ain't got to be friends and help one another and bake cookies n shit hell I'm not even sayin don't be enemies just slow down and take a breath............................... REST IN PEACE FOREVER MY NIGGA NORM LUV SOL 

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