House of Krazees - Season of the Pumpkin


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Released in 1995

Released on Cassette & CD

This album is sometimes called a double disc and is widely confused as being one.  It in fact is not, but the original that was supposed to be released was planned to be a double disc.  This album was issued twice.  The original has no bar code and was released on the Retro Horror Muzik Label. The shown tape cover at the bottom is also a  reissue, as well as the cd cover. However the front covers to the original are similar to the tape shown here.  I have no picture of the first issue of this album.  The original Season of the Pumpkin, released on the Retro Horror Muzik Label, has all the same tracks except 4 of them have different background music, more heavy metal samples and you can hear all the shout outs at the end they are not edited out. 

1. Channel 0
2. Horror Story
3. Dark Images
4. Underground Culture
5. Hollow's Eve
6. The Mask
7. Trick Or Treat
8. Haunted House
9. Portrait
10. Call Us What You Will
11. Unconscious
12. Down
13. Violent Memories
14. Bates Theory
15. Season Of The Pumpkin
16. Sounds Of Halloween
17. Drug Addict
18. Terrorfying And Terrible
19. Why?
20. Shouts
21. Until Next Time

[Note: Some titles have sound clips]



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